Build Your Credibility Online Fast Through Personal Branding

Creating your personal brand is a more effective and powerful way of promoting yourself or a business than any marketing and sales strategy. It is considered to be an effective way to eliminate your competition. By creating a personal brand identity you are able to influence others by making them associate feelings and perceptions with that particular brand identity. You have to remember, that in today’s very competitive world, branding is not for companies anymore. Personal branding is important if you are trying to sell your competencies and your skills in order for you to continue doing what you do best. It is said that personal branding is an essential key to anyone’s success. Not everyone is aware that all of us are personal brands and it is important to manage this effectively, consistently and strategically. You should be able to control the message that you want to send and how others see you. Traditional personal branding techniques rely on selling, promoting your self and becoming famous. Now, personal branding is actually more than just promoting yourself. You need to be perceived as authentic, real and a leader in your industry.The first thing that you need to do in personal branding is that you need to be able to define what your goals and ambitions are so that you will know where you want to take your personal brand. This is the most exciting and essential part of your personal branding online or offline. This is basically the starting point and the guiding principles of your brand. By figuring out were you want to take your brand, you will by able to figure out all the things that you need to actually create a successful brand. Also, in figuring out where you want to take your brand, you will be able to define what the values of the brand are and what it actually stands for. You will also be able to create a strategy that is based on what you are really good at and what you love to do.The next thing that you need to is to create and define your personal brand. This particular step involves creating and formulating a distinctive brand that is very persuasive and very memorable brand promise and you can use it to influence how you act and how you behave. You have to take time and write down what your mission and vision of the brand is which should be in harmony with your personal ambition is and to create a very compelling brand story in order to promote the brand that is actually based on you. You need to be able to analyze yourself so that you can figure out what it is that you really want to do and what kind of market that you want to target. Personal branding can take a lot of time so it is important that you do not rush it. How ever you brand yourself is how people are going to see you.

Idyllic Family Luxury in the Bahamas

A Bahamas family vacation is the getaway that your family deserves. The Bahamas is located south-east of Miami and this dreamy archipelago provides a tropical paradise that is so close as a holiday destination to the North American mainland, that you can almost feel the warm tropical breeze brushing against your face. The Bahamas hosts over seven hundred islands and whether you are looking for total peace and unchartered islands or a getaway in total comfort at a Bahamas family resort, these tropical islands will cater to your every need.Imagine crystal clear waters and golden sand as far as the eye can see. A Bahamas family vacation can turn this paradise dream into reality. There is no better getaway spot that offers the ultimate balance of luxury, entertainment, and tranquility for the whole family. It is one of the few places on earth where a tropical escape will provide family memories that will last a lifetime.There is unlimited fun for everyone in a Bahamas family vacation. Children both young and old will relish the majestic Sandy Cay, where you can experience unbelievable views and the famous stingray sanctuary. This location made famous by millions of Instagram pictures is even better to experience in reality. Also, the abundance of activities for the kids at Sandy Cay will mean they will simply love getting up close and personal with the magnificent, stingrays.Atlantis Paradise Island is an unforgettable experience, as you transform into an underwater world that offers endless entertainment and water activities for kids and the entire family. There is amazing shopping for teenagers and also plenty of white sand beaches where Mum and Dad can unwind away from the stresses of everyday life.A Bahamas family vacation also offers an idyllic setting where everyone can enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. Cable Beach, Cabbage Beach and Xanadu Beach are world famous locations where there are unlimited beach activities for kids, where they can frolic and play whilst the rest of the family can enjoy endless sunshine and soak in the surreal scenery and enjoy a cocktail or two at a Bahamas family resort as the sun sets over the horizon.The friendly staff at the Bahamas family resorts will happily arrange an assortment of aquatic activities for kids that the whole family can enjoy with professional and friendly local guides. Move amongst beautiful, colorful tropical fish, whilst snorkeling in waters that offer unrivaled clarity. Or experience the wind in your face by frolicking amongst the islands in a sailing excursion. Perhaps your young ones are keen on fishing? The Bahamas is one of the world’s most exotic locations where you can fish until your heart is content in the vastness of the North Atlantic Ocean in complete tranquility.A Bahamas family vacation is a once in a lifetime experience that you and your kids will never forget. It truly is a destination for everyone and caters to the needs of all family members. Feel the magic at a Bahamas family resort, where you can experience a tropical excursion like no other on earth.

Baby Boomers: Work Smart, Not Hard – Create Residual Income For Retirement

Attention all you Baby Boomers out there, getting ready to retire! As you have probably figured out by now, retirement isn’t looking particularly rosy for most of you right now. How financially prepared are you as you face your own retirement? Were you relying on the equity in your house to get you through? Did you lose a small fortune from your 401K when the stock market tanked? You have worked hard all of your lives. Isn’t it now time for you to work smart during your retirement? Enjoy the retirement you have earned, but supplement your income to get the most out of your retirement. Baby Boomers: work smart, not hard-create residual income for your retirement.You’ve probably all read the statistics about Baby Boomers who are perched on the edge of retirement:Approximately 36 percent of Americans state they haven’t contributed anything to their retirement savings.
Because “traditional” pension plans have disappeared over the past 30 years, only about 15 percent of all Baby Boomers have a pension.
According to one study, approximately 30 percent of Baby Boomers in their 60′s have over 80 percent of their 401K funds in equities. How much money did your 401K lose when the stock market tanked?
25 percent of Baby Boomers have stated that they have put off or postponed their retirement plans.
35 percent of Americans who are already of the age of 65 are relying on Social Security payments as their sole “retirement plan.”These are some scary statistics, so it may be time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to your retirement. Many people are looking into careers after retirement to supplement the income they currently have. But, how hard to you want to work during your “retirement years?” Baby Boomers, it’s time for you to work smart, not hard and create residual income for your retirement. What is residual or “passive” income? Residual, or passive income is a type of income that once it is in place, requires no further input from the person receiving that income. For example, rental income and online advertising revenue are both types of residual income. Sounds like the classic example of how to work smart, not hard!Now that you know what residual income is, you can begin to create residual income for your retirement. So what are the options? Well, if you have the ability, you can invest in properties, and become a landlord. But, this takes a huge chunk of money, that you probably don’t have right now. Since you are retiring, you’re going to have some time on your hands, so maybe you can write a best-selling book and just live off the royalties, or more practically, you could learn how to make money online. The trend toward making money online has exploded for a reason. There is so much money to be made online if you just know how to create your own money machine! Internet marketing is a great way to accomplish this. Baby Boomers, if you want to work smart, not hard you need to create residual income for your retirement, and working online can help you do exactly this.

Find Property to Rent – 15 Ways for Tenants to Spot a Fake Landlord!

Recent news reports of unscrupulous people taking over someone’s home and renting it out to either one or more tenants means that if you are a homeowner, a landlord or a tenant, you need to take precautions to avoid being scammed!If you are a prospective tenant hunting for a property, then it’s vital to follow our top 15 ways to spot a fake landlord BEFORE you hand over any money!To avoid having to ask these questions altogether, only rent from an ARLA or NALS registered letting agent that is also ideally a member of The Property Ombudsman Scheme. They are responsible for agents that have joined their organisations to abide by strict codes of conduct and this means that they are more likely to ensure a property is let legally, including ensuring the landlord owns the property and has, if required, the lender’s permission to rent it.Avoid a Fake Landlord BEFORE you view a property:-1. Check where the advert is from. If it’s from sites where landlord’s can advertise for free, or for less than 50, find out how the website vets the properties and landlords. If they do NO vetting be very cautious!2. Ask for the landlord’s full name and address and ideally a land line phone number. Be suspicious if they don’t give these details and only give an email address/mobile.3. Ask if the landlord is a member of any accreditation schemes eg NLA, RLA and/or a local authority scheme, check they are members.4. Confirm your appointment with them ideally on the land line number.5. For a small fee (around 4) check on-line at Land Registry that the landlord does own the property. Download the Title Register details which says who owns the property.How to SPOT a Fake Landlord when viewing a property:-6. Ask the landlord if you can see the Energy Performance Certificate. This is a document that tells you how much your utility bills will be (very important!) and is a legal requirement for most rental properties (except properties that aren’t let on a ‘self contained basis’, such as licensed HMOs and renting a room).7. When looking around the home ask what’s happened to the previous tenants and if you can have a reference from them.8. Ask to see the existing gas and any electrical safety certificates. If the previous tenants have just moved out, then the certificates should still be in date, or if they are just out of date, confirm with the gas/electricity company that they did the work for your landlord.9. Ask the landlord how much deposit they take, how it will be paid (eg cash/cheque/BACs) and which Tenancy Deposit Scheme it will be held in. It should be held in one of three schemes: My Deposits (custodial and safest scheme); Tenancy Dispute Service or My Deposits.(These are insurance schemes, so if your landlord/agent goes bust, runs off with the money as long as you have evidence it was paid to them you can get your money back.)Check on-line that they are a member of the scheme they say they are!10. Ask for a copy of the contract that you will need to sign on move in day, so you can get it checked beforehand.If the landlord can’t supply all or any of the paperwork mentioned above – DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!Avoid a Fake Landlord on Check in Day:-1. Never hand over any cash or wire the money until you have received the keys.2. Unless you are letting through a high street letting agent that is a member of NALS or ARLA (and the Property Ombudsman), don’t hand over your deposit unless you have actually gained access to the property.3. Make sure the landlord has done a full inventory. This is a document that lists all the things that are in the property and describes the quality of the decor. For example it might say ‘stain on the living room carpet, near the fireplace’ and ideally this statement would be backed up by a photograph. If there is no inventory, be very wary of renting the property without doing one yourself and taking lots of photos. If you don’t when it comes to asking for your deposit back, there might be a dispute as the landlord might take money off for a new carpet in the living room because of a stain that was there before you moved in!4. If there is no contract to sign and this contract has no mention of a tenancy deposit scheme where your deposit will be protected, do not sign! Check it with a specialist lettings legal company first.5. Check that the gas and electrical safety certificates are real and up to date.However much you ‘fall in love’ with a property, or however desperate you are to rent one, don’t cut the corners described above. If you do try to rent too quickly, you might miss that the place is freezing cold, despite having all the radiators on, a fake landlord might put you under pressure to secure the property via a deposit.