Compositional Photography Tip – What Is Composition?

Compositional Photography Tips #1 – Defining “Composition”…Composition is a scene formed with an artistic arrangement of various elements present in the scene.The objective of composition is to produce a very much pleasing visual result. Composition is vital to successful photography. Therefore, knowing the basics of composition will do you good.Compositional Photography Tips #2 – Positioning the Various ElementsLook through your camera’s viewfinder. Are the elements in the scene positioned properly? If they aren’t you might want to try re-arranging the elements or find a better angle to ensure an interesting picture. Your goal here is to produce pictures that will capture people’s attention.Compositional Photography Tips #3 – Making Time for CompositionIt is common that one rushes and not spend enough time to consider and experiment composition. When this happens, the result of the picture often times look disproportionate and unplanned. Continue to make the effort to plan and position the elements in your camera’s viewfinder. It will become way easier once it has become a habit.Compositional Photography Tips #4 – Compositional RulesThere are a number of compositional rules that every photographer will want to follow. Why is it so? It is simply because these rules, when followed, will help you improve your photography. Nevertheless, try something else. Experiment and discover other photography tricks. That’s what I love to do.;DThere are 3 compositional rules to follow:
Foreground interest
Lead-in linesI will explain more on these 3 compositional rules very soon in the upcoming blog posts. Make sure that you subscribe to Canon Digital Photography Tips’ RSS Feeds for the update.Cheers to Canon Photography!

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